Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Reviews... Both are great reads!

Title: Speak Up Don’t Slouch
Author: Margaret Cmelik
Publisher: Margaret Cmelik
Published: 2009
ISBN: 2009780982145111

This book is what I would consider a table book. It is small in design and is quite hysterical. I love the author’s take on the issue of following your dreams. The pictures that went with the tips made the tips even funnier. I am a big believer in following your dreams despite what others tell you. This author’s take on following your dreams offers lighthearted suggestions on following your dreams rather than the normal way advice is generally given. You won’t fall asleep reading this book because each page makes the reader laugh louder and louder.

Tip#45 encourages the reader to try e-praying if they need to speak with a higher power but are in a hurry. The author even gives directions on the next page for completing the e-prayer request form. Another one of my favorite tips was #78. “Take a logics class. It will allow you to remove emotional traps along your path. But don’t correct other people’s logic. It really pisses them off.” I laughed out loud through out the entire book and shared the tips with others in the room.

This book can be kept on the coffee table, used as a motivational tool for employees, and as a gift. I must say that I am a stickler when it comes to presentation. My only wish for this book is in its design. I think it would be better received if it were done in color. It is a great book and I hope the author has the success she deserves. I highly recommend this funny, lighthearted book filled with advice encouraging us to not take life too seriously.

Ttile: Food Stories
Author: Denny Stanz
Publisher: American Book Publishing
Published: 2010
ISBN: 97815898258888
Pages: 72

Food Stories is a book written for men. This book takes real life situations coupled with humor to encourage men to cook and feel confident about their cooking. It is a series of short stories providing recipes for tasty meals. It discusses recipes for a poker game, first date, single dad, etc. It is a lighthearted look at what might be quite stressful for a divorced, married, single or widowed man and is useful despite the age or circumstance.

One example is for Valentine’s Day where the author shares a recipe for Filet Mignon. It also tells you where to purchase the best steak. However, this recipe goes a little further when it discusses the ambience including a bubble bath, lingerie gift and providing an unforgettable evening for your date. This short story is for the man in a new relationship.

The short stories vary widely in scenarios. They range from the single dad cooking for his daughter to a new relationship or break-up dinner. This book was funny, an easy read and I hope it encourages men to get up off of the couch and cook as opposed to dialing take-out. Well done!

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