Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Believing... Day 2 of the A to Z challenge...

B is for believing! It's important to believe in your ideas even when others try and encourage you to walk away from them. Sometimes the discouragement you hear is the fear others own regarding the goals they have set for their lives. Its sort of like that old saying, “Misery loves company.” Some people love to snatch your dreams since they haven’t breathed any life into their own…

When you have dreams that have been lying dormant because life got in the way, they are still within reach. They continue to live inside of you waiting for the right moment for you to focus on them. Believing allows you to create the impossible making extraordinary things quite possible. 

When you wake up everyday put your dreams into action. Don’t just sit at home thinking about what could be, when you could be out doing what you have dreamt for you. Never give up on your dreams…

Believe that you can do anything because you really can!


  1. Great encouraging post. I'm afraid too many times things look better in my head than they do outside it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. And I'm glad you've slowed down!

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the beauty that is within your soul. And thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Well said. Believing is the first step. Putting action to belief is the second one.

  4. Believing is hard, but oh so necessary. Great B post. I'm looking forward to reading more.


  5. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I just need to find more energy.

  6. Terrific post! This kind of encouragement is exactly what writers and all creative people need to hear!

    Happy A to Z!

  7. How beautiful and uplifting. Thanks for brightening up my day. <3


    A to Z co-host

  8. Very nice B word.

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host

  9. @Everyone... Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. I appreciate all of your kind words. I will be stopping by everyone's blog soon. I am so glad I joined this challenge.

  10. Hi DW, I love your gift of encouragement that you share so beautifully.

  11. Thanks Pat! I appreciate it!