Friday, April 27, 2012

Z is for Zzzzzz

Today was day one of two days of moving for us. I loaded the SUV and our other car before 8 a.m. Then we stood in the hot sun with the movers. It was 80 degrees today! Therefore, I am exhausted. Actually we both are.

We have to meet the movers at the storage unit in the morning for day two. Then we will have to unpack over the next few days. I didn't mention that come Monday we'll be back at work. So, yeah we are tired.

What we are also is beyond grateful that God has blessed us. He blesses us daily but this is BIG and to some degree overwhelming because it's so big. Crazy thing is that I know there's more to come.

In the midst of our gratefulness I will be catching some Zzzzzz. Yup, I can't wait...

I enjoyed this challenge and excited that I made it through it. Great people stopped by my blog and now follow it. Without the challenge I am not sure if that would've happened. And now I say, "goodnight!" Thanks!!

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  1. Moving on up, movin on one can stop us. Catch an Ice Cube movie when you are rested. Peace, my dear friend. TM