Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Obstacles…

Life provides many opportunities but not without obstacles sprinkled in between. A lot of times we are quick to run when things get in the way of what we want. Immediate gratification causes some people to quit before they even try. “I want to be a chef but I don’t want to learn.” That’s not how things work. Imagine thinking you’ll be a bestselling author without even writing the first sentence of a manuscript or telling your story for someone else to write.

 It is important that we look past the obstacles noticing the opportunities that lie ahead…nothing comes without effort. Walking comes after we’ve learned to crawl. A book appears after many steps. If you write a manuscript but it remains on your computer without you making effort to get it published, it won’t miraculously appear in a bookstore.
Bottom line… use obstacles as the footstool to your success… SLP~

(The possibility of me not having internet for a week starting Friday is an obstacle... LOL!)



  1. Good day to you Stacey! As always, another great post from you! I agree with you 100%, faith in God, faith in yourself will get us through, if only we believe. Some Scripture to share with you that comes to my mind, Psalm 18:29 - "For by You I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall." (Holy Bible ESV)

    Wow! "By my God, I CAN LEAP OVER A WALL."

    God's peace be with you Stacey. I'm really enjoying my visits here each day. Thank you!

    On a final note, I hope that the possibility of you not having internet for a week, remains just that, a possibility and not a reality.


  2. LOL! We are transferring the service but aren't officially moving until next week. I hope it remains a possibility too! I appreciate your visits and I love "By my God, I CAN LEAP OVER A WALL." I might have to say that everyday. Thanks for that powerful scripture...