Monday, April 16, 2012

My YA book BrookLyn's Journey...

I am in the final stages of editing. The cover is being designed. I need a book trailer too. I am preparing my game plan. I am looking for reviewers and want to go on a blog tour. I have a few other plans that I am outlining also. There is something about this chapter of my life that is simply amazing. I think it is because I am holding on tight to my blind faith. I am staying focused and working towards bringing my dreams alive. I have acquired other goals that I set in my life but there is something really special about this.

There are a few people at work that are actually trying to get under my skin. I hate to say that it's actually working. LOL! But not really. I am focused on my bringing each one of my manuscripts to life not on high school behavior displayed by adults. I do my best to ignore those that are acting juvenile while I embrace the direction my life is taking me in. They sit in corners whispering and gossiping. Me, if I am not working I am thinking of the best way for me to introduce BrookLyn Scott to YA LGBT readers.

I will never understand people above the age of fifty stirring up trouble. Actually, above thirty but fifty baffles me to say the least. Some people truly want others to join them in the state of misery. I am not going...I have somewhere else to be.

BrookLyn's Journey is going to be released this summer. I am very excited about it. I also will be working on releasing a motivational daily guide too. I told my editor, Lisa Martinez, that our working relationship has just begun since I have worked on so many projects without sharing them. She is helping me get my book exactly where I want it to be. She is a great editor but more importantly, her spirit is a breath of fresh air.  I welcome it. I look forward to what's to come...

BrookLyn's Journey due to be released the summer of 2012. Will you be ready?

Stacey AKA Coffey Brown..


  1. Yes, sadly there are those 'few' that will try their best to get under your skin. Good for you to turn your cheek and ignore them.

    I wish you every success with getting your first book published. Hold tight to your faith, with God nothing is impossible, he will always make a way.

    My favourite Scripture is Isaiah 43:19.

  2. It is not easy believe me! I just don't understand it and it is my way to challenge what I don't understand... LOL! I keep telling myself that it is only a test and that God is getting ready to bring about great change in my life. I LOVE your photos on your blog by the way!

  3. Congratulations! So excited for you. Is this your first book?

    A to Z co-host

  4. Yes Elizabeth! I have always wanted to do it but had the faith and courage. I talked to a friend a few years ago, Joan Ball, when she was releasing her first book, "Flirting with Faith." As a result, I realized my dreams could come true too. So... I decided to self-publish...I am extremely excited!!