Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Stacey but...

Superfluous is better. I have never had a reason to use this word and for me, its a tongue twister. I haven't seen it used that often either. For whatever reason it has always caught my attention. I am sure it's on the ACTs and SATs. Maybe it's even on the GRE exam. Seems like it should be. It is defined as exceeding what is sufficient or necessary.

Has my post on superfluous become superfluous? I hope not because I try not to be a bore. [Insert Shrug and Smirk here]

There's an online shop called Superfluous Clothing. Is this an oxymoron? You want people to buy your clothing but you're telling them before they do that the clothes serve no purpose. Hmmm... I think that's kind of funny. Maybe it'll make people buy since they don't really need it. This might actually be reverse psychology. Clever.

Superfluous. Say it a few times (I can't really say it) and then use it in a sentence. LOL!



  1. LOL Stacey,

    Your superfluous posting is so cute, I'm

    S is for Sharing...

  2. Superfluous is nervelous,
    thinking it might lose out to ridiculous.
    But my vote is with S. and not with R,
    and your post on S. is destined to go far.

    from Struggling Poet, and now you can see why she's struggling.