Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for NEVER give up!

So many times we get pushed off course and the first thing we think of is giving up. No matter what we go through things can and do get better. Our lives may make twists and turns but we should bend and not break.

I met with a young client today encouraging him not to give up. We talked about his dreams and desires. From the outside looking in one could imagine he didn't have any, but he did. I repeatedly told him that life is not over for him yet. I tried to encourage him to believe in the face he saw in the mirror despite what society tells him to believe.

If I did one thing today, I hope I shined in his life the way that I needed. Make it your goal to be a light on the lives of those you pass along your way. You just might remind them of their value and encourage them not to give up.

As you walk through life make sure you also remember, NEVER give up or give in. Get back up always...


  1. Good day to you Stacy! I pray the fella you spoke with was inspired by what you had to say. I can tell you that your blog posts are great inspiration to me! Your words and the love and care you feel for others shines through your words. You have a real gift for writing, and I'm thankful for the wisdom you're sharing. Sending a smile your way. Keep growing and glowing for God!

  2. @Kaycee... I need you to know that I appreciate your kindness. I do my best to be to others what I would like for people to be to me. I like when you said, "Keep growing and glowing for God!" It took me years to get here but I am staying... LOL! Be well and many thanks for your kindness.