Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Live and Let Live!

L is for Live and Let Live. That's how I try to live my life. I don't want anyone telling me how to live so I mind my business. The way I see it, if it doesn't affect me directly then I don't get involved.

We all exist together in this big yet small world and need to respect our differences. Again, I am not perfect but I won't bother you as long as you don't bother me. I might not like it but it's your life. I have my own to worry about and don't have time to get involved with yours!

Live and Let Live...

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  1. Hey Stacey

    I'm far from perfect, but I definitely respect people for who they are. Being different is what makes us unique individuals. Wouldn't things be dull if we were all exactly the same.

    You know, this gets me thinking about people that have had a tuff life. Who are we to assume anything, we've never walked a mile in their shoes.

    It's all about trying to understand what led them to reach a certain point. Reaching out to someone is by far more productive than sitting around pointing our their faults and habits and everything you dislike.

    A cheer for "Live and Let Live!"