Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for FAITH!!

Every step of my life has been guided by faith. Recently I have embraced blind faith. It is so strong that I feel sometimes like I can see what God has for me before it comes my way. I have never experienced a faith like this but have always wanted to. This faith led me to encourage my partner to sell the house and move to NC like we had been talking about for three years. 

This faith allowed us to sell our house in a bad market and get what exactly we wanted. This faith allowed us to pick out land and build a home before either one of us had job. Now we have jobs and are approaching a closing date. This faith has just been all over our life, and we are so grateful. It has been like flowing water…

There is nothing to me greater than faith. My fears have been replaced by faith. There is nothing I can’t do with faith like this. 


  1. Sometimes a seemingly bold step is just what we need to move forward.

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  2. Every step of my life has been guided by faith too.Great life is built by faith.and I also passing my way with faith.
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  3. Beautiful post. I truly believe that God is there, waiting to bless and help us. All we need is a bit more faith. :-)

  4. Faith comes from God, we all know that. But exercising that faith does take courage. You've been courageous.

  5. I just commented on your "R" post about us moving... We're going to be moving from Canada to the Philippines to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Over the last year, and especially the last couple of months, God has shown how he has been working in our lives and guiding us for YEARS to get us to this point! It has been such an encouragment to our faith. :)